Kota Goller


Amateur Flo-Rider

-Name? Dakota Rae Goller

-Age? 18

-Hometown? Winnemucca Nevada, currently live in Idaho falls, Idaho

-Nickname? Kota

-What's your favorite food? Chicken wings

-What's your setup? Ethic Grips, Youth Gone Wild Millennium Bars, Ethic silicone headset, tilt clamp, tilt legacy forks, tilt wheels, ethic erawan deck

-What's your favorite trick? A backflip barspin to show off for kids or a toboggan un-twist/bar-twist

-what’s been your hardest learn so far? The hardest trick I’ve encountered would be a backflip or frontflip. They may not be the hardest trick in my book but it’s terrifying learning it. I threw both of them to concrete first try. I had no mattress or foam-pit so I got ballsy. 

-Favorite places you've ever been? My favorite place I’ve ever been problebly would be Alaska. Alaska is so beautiful and the wild life there is unreal.

-Favorite parks/spots to ride? My favorite spot to ride would be the park I ride right now. I’ve been too other parks and they’re fun but the kids know me here and they’re honestly why I ride. I like doing big tricks and seeing parrents/kids stop and watch me ride, and get impressed.

-Riders that you look up to? It’s cliche but definitely Ryan Williams, and my older brother. My older brother brought me into the Skatepark life and I can’t thank him enough for it!

-Worst crash? I aired a 10ish foot ramp pretty big but landed wrong and my feet slipped off and smashed my face at the bottom

-What other interests and hobbies do you have? I love to go camping, fishing, boating, dirt biking, snowboarding, and power napping😎

-What brands do you represent? Beamers Action sports pro shop

-Top 5 songs that get you pumped up to ride? Alpha Omega by MGK, Survival by Eminem, Beast (Southpaw remix) by rob bailey, Cleveland by MGK, and King Wizard by Kid Cudi

-5 things you must have at all times? A brain (most of the time), my scooter, my phone and headphones, and my hat

Goals and events planned for 2018