Age: 19

Hometown: Idaho Falls, USA

Hook-ups/Sponsors: Monster Army, Love And Rebel, RCHEAVY Haul, Risq Threads, Beamers Action Sports Shop

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: My local Dirt Jumps

-BMX video: Pat Casey’s Dream Yard 3

-Website: Vital BMX

-Web video: Scotty Cramners YouTube channel 

-Food: Pasta 

-Twitter to follow: Vans

-Person on Instagram: Kyle Baldock cause he is a savage

-Travel destination: California For sure

-Riders to ride with: Colton Satterfield, Kurtis Downs, Colton Walker, Bryce Tryon, Brian Fox, Josh Hult, Ben Voyles

-Car: Scion FRS

-Movie: Fast and Furious

-Colour: Blue

-Shoes: Vans

-Bike company: Colony

-BMX contest: Monster Energy Triples Dirt Contest

-Bike shop: My local shop Beamers

-Restaurant chain: In and Outperrett4

-Clothing company: Love and Rebel For sure. They make the best pants 

-Phone: IPhone all the way.

-Music: I like all music but rap I would have to say is my favorite 

-Ramp rider: Mark Webb. He is defiantly the best in the game

-Street rider: Chad Kerley is just a straight savage.

-Dirt rider: Colton Walker for sure! Dude is just insane!

-Flatland rider: Terry Adams!

-Old school rider: Mat Hoffman! He is just a legend

-Drink: Monster Energy drink 

-Trick: Backflip Barspin to Tailwhip

-BMX Magazine: Dig

-BMX MC: Dan Hubbard

-Video game: Call Of Duty

-BMX photographer: Aaron Robinson 

-BMX Filmer: Tyler Rizzi

-Girl: My Girlfriend Mylie Cowan

-Sport besides BMX: I like all action sports but my favorite would have to be skateboarding 

-Party: I would have to say Halloween Party