Amateur Pro Rider For Chilli Pro Scooters

Age? 18 years old

Hometown? Idaho falls, Idaho

Nickname? Scooter kid 

What's your favorite food? Pizza 

What's your chilli setup? Chilli Z C5 v2.

What's your favorite trick? Backflips and flairs and bri flips.

Favorite place you've ever been? Probably California or Utah!

Favorite park/spot to ride? Either my local Tauphas or Wasatch action park! 

Riders that you look up to? R-Willy, jordan Clark, Raymond warner, Capron/Corey Funk, Brendan Smith, etc.. 

Worst crash? I hand planted a 12 ft deep bowl and pushed off to my face to flat. 

What other interests and hobbies do you have? Riding dirt bikes, snowboards, and bmxing!

What shop do you represent? I represent beamers action sports shop! 

Top 5 songs that get you pumped up to ride?T Long story short - illy , tight rope - illy, sweaters - Ivan b, life goes on - Ivan b, and congratulations - post Malone.

5 things you must have at all times? Helmet, mouth guard, knee pads, scooter, and phone.

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